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Deja vu is essentially an extension of the personality of the hostess, Sushma Luthra. Passionate and Artistic, with a warm and pleasing personality, Sushma started the cottage with the desire to bring comfortable hospitality with the comfort of a cozy home. Being an avid traveler herself she understands the needs of the discerning traveler. This is coupled with her long experience in the travel and hospitality industry with the Taj Group of Hotels.

The attention to detail and aesthetic sense is apparent in the interiors of the cottage which is tastefully done by her. The cottage is home to treasures and artifacts she has curated herself from her travels across the globe. She strives to ensure that every guest at the cottage is treated like royalty and has the support of efficient staff equipped to handle all requests with a smile!

Sushma has also travelled abroad for several years and understands the needs of the international traveler. She continuously strives to provide the convenience and comforts that will make guests feel at home in her home. 

Since Sushma does not live on the premises, you can contact her on her phone and she will make sure her guests are happy and comfortable.

Write to us at or simply fill this form and we’ll get back to you shortly:

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“Make Yourself at Home!"
Déjà Vu is owned
maintained by Sushma Luthra
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Sushma. L

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