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1. How do I make a reservation for the cottage?

Enquiry over email or WhatsApp as listed below.

The owner will get back to you with an email reply within 24 hours.

2. Is it necessary to call ahead to confirm a reservation?


3. Can more than two adults stay in one room?

The bedroom is ideal for two adults on a double bed.

However if required we can add an extra bed on the floor.

4. Our children are traveling with us; can they be accommodated for free?

Yes if they are from 0 – 5 yrs

5. I want to go sightseeing in Naukuchiatal, can you advise me?

The caretaker will help in arranging sightseeing.

6. What kind of entertainment is there indoors?

We have indoor games like scrabble, playing cards, backgammon and we keep a range of movies on DVD’s to watch.


7. What outdoor activities can we indulge in?

Ziplining, Paragliding, kayaking, boating, walks, fishing

8. Do we have to bring our own toiletries or will you provide?

Please bring your own toiletries

9. Is the linen fresh and how often is it changed during our stay?

Yes the linen is fresh and can be changed on request during your stay

10. Is there parking space at the cottage and is it safe?

Yes there is parking space for one big car and it is safe.

11. Is there a generator in case there is a power break down?

Yes there is a generator for power back up

12. Can we have a fire lit in the evenings and do we have to pay for this service?

Yes, the caretaker can arrange for a bonfire and the charges are minimal.


13. How far is the cottage from the lake?

The cottage is on the lake and one can walk down to the lake

14. How far is the cottage from the railway station?

The Kathgodam railway station is 25 kms and it takes 40 minutes to reach the cottage.

15. How long does it take to drive from Delhi?

Delhi is 307 kms away and it takes approximately 7 hours to reach Naukuchiatal with a short stop on the way


16. Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Breakfast is not included in the room rate

17. How do we order for lunch and dinner and how does one pay for these meals?

The cottage works like a homestay and the caretaker will make meals as per the menu you request for. The payment will be for the raw materials procured for the meals.

18. Are groceries, ration etc available near the cottage?

Yes there are local shops where you get basic amenities

19. Is there a tea kettle in the rooms?

There is a tea kettle in the main dining area

20. Can we use the kitchen to cook our own meals?

Yes you can

21. Is there an oven to bake items?


22. Is there a microwave oven to heat food?


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